PARENTING: A Father's perspective! (2)

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Our Fatherhood series continues here. Without much ado let me give you a brief intro about the Father on the hot seat today.

Meet Pastor Emmanuel Asuquo, from South-South Nigeria...

Q.1: When did you become a father and for how long?

I became a Father in the year 2011 and that has been for 10 years now.

Q.2: How many kids do you have, what are their ages and gender?

I have 2 male kids at 7 and 9 years old respectively.

Q.3: How did you feel the first time your child was handed over to you?

I felt fulfilled knowing fully well my status had changed from just husband to husband and father.

Q.4: In a few sentences, describe what the experience has been like.

The experience of being a father has been a blissful one. Watching little kids grow up is mind-blowing as one looks at them and sees a reflection of your self. It has been quite challenging to make them align and conform to the standard of life I desire for them. Summarily, it has been a colossal experience of leadership and responsibility.

 Q.5: What do you wish you knew before you became a father?

I wish I knew how to be a father before I became a father but am still learning on the job.

Q.6: Has fatherhood changed you in any way? If yes, tell us how.

It made me more responsible, loving, and caring.

Q.7: Narrate your most memorable moment as a dad.

When my son first called me father.

Q.8: Tell us what your most embarrassing moment was as a dad.

The day I didn’t remember how to solve a simple sum from my son’s homework.

Q.9: Which of your kids do you bond most with and which one gives you a run for your money?

I bond well with both of them and they can both give one a run for his money (laughs)

Q.10: What good habit or character do you wish your kid(s) would take after you?

Prayer and honesty


11 Q.11: Which of your habits do you wish none of your kid(s) will inherit from you?

Loving others to a fault

Pastor Emmanuel and his sons

Q.12: Which of your kid(s) take after you and in what aspect, please give us practical examples or narrate a scenario?

They uniquely take after me. One loves to mingle and make friends and the other has an inquiry mind and loves to ask questions.

Q.13: What are your expectations for your kid(s)?

I expect that they will grow up into their full potentials and be very responsible young men that will love the Lord, love their families and impact the world.


There you have it! Even Pastors encounter challenges in parenting! What's your take on loving others to a fault? Do you think it is right or wrong? I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section.

Guess where the next father is from...





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