Welcome once again to another episode of Fathers on the hot seat!

I trust that you have been enjoying the series so far.

Well, today we have a lecturer on the hot seat! What will I not give to throw questions at any of my lectures? Lolz. I am sure there was a particular lecturer that stressed your life while you were in school right? Do well to tell us about him or her in the comment section.

Anyway, straight to the Q&A section.

Mr. Emeka Orekyeh is from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. (don't bother, I know you didn't guess right.) 


Q.1: When did you become a father and for how long?

5 years ago

Q.2: How many kids do you have, what are their ages and gender?

 One female for now.

Q.3: How did you feel the first time your child was handed over to you?


Q.4: In a few sentences, describe what the experience has been like.

It's been amazing and challenging at the same time. Amazing because you see pure love from the child and that look of trust that the child exhibits around you. Also, I feel lonely when I don't see my daughter especially when I am out of town. Challenging because I have to put up with some of the things she does and I also must balance it with the discipline I give her.

Q.5: What do you wish you knew before you became a father?

How to make my kid become a wizard in academics. 

Q.6: Has fatherhood changed you in any way? If yes, tell us how.

I have learnt to have more patience and be more responsive to my kid and wife. There are things I may not do for myself, but will certainly do for my girls.

Q.7: Narrate your most memorable moment as a dad.

The day my daughter was born, it brought me joy immeasurable.

Q.8: Tell us what your most embarrassing moment was as a dad.

The day I flogged my daughter and I saw marks from the cane on her body.

Q.9:Which of your kids do you bond most with and which one gives you a run for your money?

I have one for now and we bond very well.

Q.10: What good habit or character do you wish your kid(s) would take after you?

I will like her to wear humility as a gown, put on patience as a headgear, always carry a big bag of forgiveness and a belt of charity( helping others).

Q.11: Which of your habits do you wish none of your kid(s) will inherit from you?

Procrastination and eating late.

Q.12: Which of your kid(s) take after you and in what aspect, please give us practical examples or narrate a scenario.

When my daughter is unhappy she keeps her face like mine. 

Q.13: What are your expectations for your kid(s)?

That she becomes a well-known medical doctor, become greater and better than I and her mother. That she will serve God faithfully without turning to the left or right.    


Dear Readers, do you agree that there is a special bond between Fathers and their daughters? I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section.

Happy Father's Day to all the men who carry the responsibility of Fatherhood irrespective of the challenges!

Tory Teller loves you all!





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  1. I have a special bond with my father, he has always been my best friend. I know there is nothing he will not give me If he has. It was a nice interview, my dad would probably flog me in the same spot with marks the next day if I did something wrong. He doesn't joke with discipline. ~Tikia

    1. Interesting.
      Although my parents were disciplinarians, my Mum was always the one who flogged us.
      Thanks for stopping by dear Tikia.

  2. Ah! Fathers and their daughters, I have two and they are the real side chicks😁
    The love is indescribable.

    I am enjoying all the features from fathers. Well done ToryTeller

    1. Hahaha
      Daddy and his side chicks tell me about it.
      I'm glad you're enjoying the series.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Yes, I totally agree with you!
    Thanks for stopping by.


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