PARENTING: A Father's Perspective! (4)

Hey People!

How did you celebrate Father's Day for your dad or the father figure in your life? Call? message? gift? visit? Whichever way you chose, I hope you made them happy. For those whose dads have gone to be with the Lord, I am sending you truckloads of hugs.

Okay, it's the last day of the month of June, and here's the last dad we'll be putting on the hot seat. I hope you enjoy this as usual.

Mr. Prince Paul Onah is a businessman from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Q.1: When did you become a father and for how long?

Six years ago, precisely on the 8th of April 2015.

Q.2: How many kids do you have, what are their ages and gender?

I have three kids, a male, and two females. The first girl is 6, my son is 4 and the second girl is 1.

Q.3: How did you feel the first time your child was handed over to you?

I felt thankful and fulfilled.

Q.4: In a few sentences, describe what the experience has been like.

It's been quite tough filled ups and downs but enjoyable moments too.

Q.5: What do you wish you knew before you became a father?

I wish someone had enlightened me about the challenges of marriage and parnting, the good and the bad.

Q.6: Has fatherhood changed you in any way? If yes, tell us how.

Yes, there are things I was doing when I wasn’t a father that I can’t think of doing now because of my kids.

Q.7: Narrate your most memorable moment as a dad.

The first day my wife entered the labor room. It was a day I will never forget.

Q.8: Tell us what your most embarrassing moment was as a dad.

(Laughs) when I have a misunderstanding with my wife and I know I can’t touch her.

Q.9: Which of your kids do you bond most with and which one gives you a run for your money?

My only son, he is the heir apparent right? (Laughs) but I bond with the girls too.

Q.10: What good habit or character do you wish your kid(s) would take after you?

Respect and hard work.

Q.11: Which of your habits do you wish none of your kid(s) will inherit from you?

Smoking and drinking habits, though I have stopped it.

Q.12: Which of your kid(s) take after you and in what aspect, please give us practical examples or narrate a scenario.

My only son behaves a lot like me.

Q.13: What are your expectations for your kid(s)?

To make me proud, to live a positive and exemplary life


Interesting piece, right? To be a father is not beans at all. Shout out to all the men wearing this shoe and making an impact. God bless you all.

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May I be the first to wish you Happy New Month! See you in July!😉





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  1. Lol, I see a father who is making a deliberate effort to be a good example to his children.
    May God bless all fathers.

    1. You can say that again!
      Thanks for stopping by dear Seme.


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