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While Amara was busy admiring the place, Oge reappeared with two glasses of wine. One white wine and the other, Irish cream. She served them and cheerfully announced that her boss was around and would join them shortly. Lawrence thanked her and off she went. 

Amara started a conversation with Lawrence, they talked about the condition of the country when out of nowhere she asked, "Are you married?"

Lawrence replied in the negative then she continued by asking if he had a fiancee/girlfriend. He was a bit embarrassed with the question but he had to answer.

"I was in a serious relationship a few years ago. We were almost married because I had done the introduction and started the marriage process only to lose my job and she dumped me. I went through a whole lot of trauma. Losing my job and the woman I loved with all my heart at almost the same time. I was broken but thank God I pulled through. Since then, I have not given my heart a chance to fall in love again. I'm taking matters of the heart, one step at a time."

Amara smiled. She was open enough to tell her that she was not into any relationship and that she truly fancied him.

"You're an awesome lady but I'm just getting to know you. I believe we can take it slow. Though my parents are on my neck to get married but I need to heal completely from my past experience before I venture into another relationship. If I don't heal properly, the next lady might not enjoy all of me and that won't be very nice of me."

Amara looked at him and said, "Anyway, I understand what you are saying and I might as well give it a cha..."

"The Law, sorry I kept you waiting" a voice cut in from behind.

Amara froze. There was something about that voice. It was familiar. She had this nostalgic feeling run down her spine. Could it be?  She turned around immediately and there he was, DENNIS UBAWUNWA in flesh and blood.

She sprang up from her chair and gave him a tight hug. Due to the dim lighting of the place and how fast everything happened, Dennis was confused and didn't even know how to react to the hug. He didn't see the face of the lady hugging her tightly. He made an inquisitive face towards Lawrence who in turn looked back at him, with palms wide open and shaking his head in confusion.

Amara held onto him with her hands wrapped tightly around him and her face buried on his body for a few seconds, savoring the smell of her long-lost friend. Dennis kept wondering who the lady might be only for her to look up, straight into his face, and exclaimed, "Ubah, I've missed you!"

Swiftly, Dennis picked her up almost screaming her name. He didn't want to let go. They both kept giggling and saying how much they've missed each other.

Lawrence was confused but patient enough to allow them finish their little drama before he demanded for an explanation.

When they both got themselves and let go of the embrace, Dennis explained to Lawrence that the lady standing there was the same friend of his, he had been telling Lawrence about, that he lost contact with her for years now.

"Oh yeah, the Ama girl?" Lawrence asked.

"Yes, my Ama. My beautiful and shy Ama. How did you both meet each other?" Dennis queried.

Lawrence and Amara both took turns explaining how they met.

It was so satisfying sitting next to Amara. He felt he was in another planet. He wished to freeze time so they could both catch up on time lost.

"So what are you doing here?" Amara asked Dennis.

"I own this place." He said smiling while looking directly into her eyes.

"Udy's place, really? You're not doing bad at all" Amara said while hitting his arm softly.

"Yeah. You made me appreciate my name 'UBAWUNWA' so much that I had to incorporate it into my business name. UD meaning Ubawunwa Dennis"

Amara gave him the brightest beam of smile he had ever seen. "That's so thoughtful of you and the name is beautiful"

"Thanks, Ama. You're beautiful. So where have you been and what do you do for a living? How and when did you get into town? I have a tonne of questions for you. You better start answering" Dennis said smiling and squeezing Ama's hands softly.

Amara and Dennis had a whole lot of catching up to do. They talked about various things, ranging from school life, after school, mutual friends while in school, work, etc.

At some point, they both practically forgot that Lawrence was sitting beside them. They talked till around 11 pm when the lounge was about to close for the day. Amara wanted to pay for their drinks but Dennis refused and said it was on the house.

Before leaving, they exchanged contacts and had an appointment the next day.

Lawrence dropped Amara off in the hotel and she paid him more than three times what he was meant to make a day. He was really happy. He felt the pay was too much but Amara hushed him saying, "This is not for the time you spent today driving me around town, it's for reconnecting me to my long lost..." Then she paused. Not knowing the proper words to address Dennis.

"Never mind, have a good night's rest, and don't forget to come and pick me up tomorrow by 8am."

She strode effortlessly into the hotel and soon, vanished from sight.

Lawrence on the other hand drove home happy. Despite the fact that he had a fun-filled day, he also made a lot of money too. So to him, it was a win-win situation.

As soon as Amara got to her room, her phone rang. She smiled.

"Hello Ubah" she softly spoke into her cellphone.

"Hey, beautiful" Ubah's voice was still as mesmerizing as ever. Husky, silky, and as sexy as ever.

Amara melted into the bed, hugging her pillows tightly as they spoke.

So many things to still talk about but in all, she still confirmed that she had the same effect on Ubah as always. Phewww! A beam of hope!

They both lost track of time whilst talking that when Amara checked her time, it was already 2am. She told him to drop the call so she could take a shower.

"I would have loved to watch you shower. But you might decline. Yeah, you will decline. I'm sorry I even said it out loud."

Dennis felt she might find that offensive being the uptight kind of girl she had always been.

"I'm not offended, don't be sorry. It's okay you asked but I don't think I'm ready for that yet."

"Thanks for understanding. Let me leave you to shower. Do we still talk after that? I mean when you're done bathing?"

"Ubawunwa, please go to bed, it's morning already. We'll talk later in the day okay. Good morning from this beautiful side of life."

"Good morning my angel." Dennis kissed her through the phone and then dropped the call.

Amara was super happy. She smiled all through her shower time and even when she went to bed. She practically slept off smiling.

Her phone woke her up in the morning. It was Lawrence calling.

"Hello Lawrence, hope all is well this one you're calling this early?" Amara said with her eyes almost close.

"Good morning ma'am. It's 8am. I'm parked inside the hotel car park already."

"Oh! Okay, just wait for me at the restaurant. Get something to eat while you wait. I need to freshen up before I join you. Just give me a little time."

She had her bath, dressed up, and joined Lawrence downstairs.

She paid for his meal and they both walked to the car. When they got into the car, Lawrence asked

"Where to, ma'am? Udy's?"

"Yes, Udy's,"  She replied with a smile on her face.

They got to the lounge and met Dennis already waiting for them. They both got into another hug that took long before they let go of each other. Lawrence was just laughing at the two adults acting like teenage lovers.

Dennis suggested they all go for breakfast. It was a welcomed idea. Amara tried to walk towards Lawrence's car only for Dennis to pull her back.

"You're riding with me. Lawrence can come alone in his car."

Amara smiled and joined him in his Lexus GX 470.

"Nice ride. You're not doing bad at all." Amara complimented him.

"Thanks, baby. You know I've always had great taste when it comes to automobiles. I was just a poor boy who couldn't afford my taste those school days but now, by God's grace, I can afford this." 

They all drove to a fast food where they had breakfast as the two friends kept on talking about their past. Lawrence knew he was just a third wheel in that triangle so he asked Amara if he could turn on his app and go for other rides while she calls him whenever she needs him.

Before Amara could say a word, Dennis agreed already to Lawrence's suggestion. Amara made a transfer to Lawrence for his morning services. He thanked her and left almost immediately.

Dennis and Amara had the whole day to themselves. They both drove around town, going from one suya spot to another, one roasted fish joint to another, they had a whole lot to snack on. It was a fun-filled and memorable day for both of them.

When it was getting dark, Amara asked him to drive over to the hotel so she could change into something appropriate for the night. Dennis obliged and drove her to the hotel. 

He opted to wait for her downstairs but she urged him to follow her to her room.

When they got into the room, Dennis sat on the chair. 

"Can you change with me sitting here? I hope I'm not gonna make you uncomfortable?"

"Remember back in the days, when I was sick and you came to take care of me in the hostel. Where did I get changed?"


They both chorused and laughed about it.

She excused herself and went into the bathroom.

Dennis buried his face into his phone when Amara came out from the bathroom. He didn't notice she was standing there till she spoke.

"I have a surprise for you."

He looked up and saw her tying only a white mini towel. He had never seen her looking that hot and sexy. He couldn't take his eyes off her. 

She held his arms and pulled him up. Took him towards the bed.  When she got in front of the bed, She stopped and turned her back on him.

Gradually, she let loose of the towel, and there it was, a full tattoo of Dennis's face boldly draw on her back.

A whole lot of emotions were running through Dennis at that moment... be continued

Wrtten by Munachi Kyrian


Kai! Even me, I don't want the story to end here! I want more!

But not to worry, we will try not to delay the next episode which will likely be the final.

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  1. “He looked up and saw her tying only a white mini towel. He had never seen her looking that hot and sexy. He couldn't take his eyes off her.”

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    2. Please drop the next part ASAP I want to check something in that particular last scene

    3. Lolz.
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