From his days as a young adult, the reoccurring word that constantly rang in the ears of Chief Badmus Adekanye was, ‘hustle’. No doubt this had also propelled him to strive for excellence in all he did, refusing to settle for less. Despite being the last child from an average family of 9, he had made up his mind not to allow his background to determine his destiny or limit his success and this had become his reality.

Today was one of those days when he just wanted to relax at home and take stock of all he had achieved in his 56 years of existence. Although his family had been invited by one of his business associates to celebrate a contract he had secured from the government, he was just reluctant about the invitation. He couldn’t give a reason for not wanting to go so he sent his 3 wives and children with gifts to represent him at the event.

Chief Badmus strolled from his room upstairs, taking in every item in his sitting room that oozed money, to the verandah as the cool evening breeze hit his face. Looking out into the neighbourhood that housed his family mansion, he knew that passersby would see him so he decided to take a walk around the compound and enjoy the piercing silence.

He was sure that his domestic staffs were out too so it was an opportunity to relish the solitude. He was turning into the corner that led to the back of the house when he heard footsteps.

Wondering who it was, he followed the sound only to discover it was someone who was taking the clothes spread at the back of the compound.

Who could this be? Chief thought within himself as he quietly followed the figure from a distance.

Obviously, the person was heading towards the staff quarters but he was curious to know why there was someone in the compound when everyone was out merrying so he kept following from a distance.

By the time he got to the entrance of the staff quarters’, the person had entered, he noticed it was opened so he walked in quietly before he heard a sound. It was the splashing of water from the shower and it was loud enough because the bathroom door was open too.

Just as he walked to the front of the bathroom door, it was not up to a second when it happened. The boneless blood vessel in between his legs saw it first as it responded with a full erection before his eyes could comprehend what it saw.

There she stood, in all her glory, as naked as a newborn baby with water flowing from the opened shower above her head running down from her face to her neck, shoulders, down to her large succulent bosom whose nipples were hard and a shade darker, to her belly button and down to her long legs.

Immediately their eyes met, she quickly grabbed her towel from where it hung and wrapped it around her body hoping that as she wiped her body, she would wipe off the memory of what he just saw. Shame was an understatement to what she felt as she looked up to meet his eyes again.

“Good evening, Chief.”

“Good evening, pretty. And what’s a beautiful damsel like you called?” Chief asked as she engaged her with his eyes not wanting her to see the erection of his third leg protruding from his trouser.

“Sheila, sir. My name is Sheila. I am Martins, the Gardner’s fiancée.”

“Interesting! So why are you not out with every other domestic staff?”

“I came to spend some time with my fiancée but he received a call from home that his mother was ill and had to travel to see her. I just wanted to stay a little while till he returns. I hope that is not a problem, Chief,” her eyes pleaded before she looked down.

“Not a problem at all. In fact, I am glad you did,” Chief closed the gap between them, pulled the towel from her body, and dropped it on the floor before planting a kiss on her lips, her neck, and slowly going down to everything below, teasing and tasting.

Struggling to stay calm despite the emotion that was already building inside her, Sheila partially moaned and stammered as she spoke.

“Excuse me, Chief. I…I don’t think … we should…”

“Relax, I promise you, you will enjoy every bit of this. Just be rest assured that it will be between us,” Chief said as his hands caressed every sensitive part of her and pulled her to the bed in the room.

                                                ***                              ***

Sheila missed her period a few weeks later and sent a message to Chief to inform him that she was expecting a baby. After a restless night, Chief woke up the following morning and sent for his personal bodyguard Dele, who specialized in taking care of uncomfortable situations.

“Good morning Chief. You sent for me,” Dele prostrated before his boss.

“Good morning, Dele. I need you to do something for me. Is the Gardener back?”

“No, Chief. Word is that his mother is still very sick and has been rushed to the hospital so he may not be coming back anytime soon.”

“Hmm. I need him in this house latest tomorrow unfailingly.”

“Noted, boss. Would that be all?”

“Yes, for now.”

“Done,” Dele tapped his right fist across his left chest as a sign of loyalty and exited.

The following evening, Chief remained uneasy even after he had been informed that Martins had returned to save his job as instructed. Chief Badmus looked at the clock that rested on the wall just above his bed, it was a few minutes past 1 am but sleep had eluded him.

He got up from his bed where he slept alone as all his wives were in their respective rooms, put on his sleeping robe and footwear, and headed for the door. The sudden urge to take a walk around the compound was something he could not fathom.

Walking towards the staff quarters, he noticed a figure sitting on a plastic chair outside. As he walked closer to it, he realized the person was asleep.

“Why are you out here?” Chief asked as he tapped the person.

“Good evening, I mean, good morning, sir!” He replied with fright written all over his face.

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“I am sorry sir. I just wanted to receive some fresh air and clear my thoughts, I didn’t know when I slept off.”

“So why not go to bed since your body needs the sleep?”

“Chief, I feel very uncomfortable sleeping in my bed when I know that my mother is in the hospital bed fighting for her life.”

“But you have been with her the past few days. I asked you to come home so that you can spend some time with your fiancée before you return. The break will do you good before you also break down.”

“Thank you, Chief. I appreciate that. But I am okay here. I want to say some prayers for my mother so I wouldn’t want to disturb anyone that is why I am out here.”

Chief looked at him with a mixture of worry and disappointment. He wasn’t exactly sure how he felt but knowing what was at stake, he had to press further.

“I understand you and I wish your mother a quick recovery. You can go back tomorrow to be with her…”

“Thank you, Chief. You are very kind,” Martins knelt to show appreciation.

“But you must take care of yourself. Now go inside and spend some time with your fiancée before you leave. She has been lonely for too long.”

“Okay, sir. Thank you, Chief.”

Rising to his feet and carrying the plastic chair with him, Martins turned to Chief, “God bless you, sir. Good night, Chief.”

“Good night, Martins.”

                                    ***                                          ***

“You sent for me, Chief,” Sheila said immediately she stepped into Chief’s private chamber.

“Yes, I did. Has your fiancé traveled?”

“Yes, Chief. He left this morning.”

“Okay. I hope he did as instructed. Did he…” Chief winked at her.

“Hmm. Not at all. I tried to seduce him several times. I almost took advantage of him but he refused to touch me. At a point, I started crying so that he would succumb but he comforted me saying that sex was the last thing on his mind. According to him, his mother was to undergo surgery tomorrow and he couldn’t bring himself to do anything else.”

Chief folded his arms across his chest while sitting on the double sofa in the room as he listened to her, searching for a remedy to the situation. His eyes ran from Sheila's face to her neck and down to her breasts as memories of their little escapade filled his thoughts.

Since his coronation 11 years ago, he had never been in such an awkward situation. He had any woman he wanted without objection, after all, money was the solution to every issue, and that, he had in abundance.

Martins didn’t even deserve such a beautiful damsel like Sheila, with the meager salary he was earning, how could he maintain her beauty regime? As Chief stared at her bosom, fresh blood rushed through his veins, and speedily took over his manhood. He wanted another taste of her, as a matter of fact, he should keep her for himself.

Without a second thought, he knew what he had to do.

“You can go. Call me Dele on your way out.”

Within the next 5 minutes, Dele walked into Chief’s private chamber and bowed.

“Send some money to Martins for his mother’s surgery, make sure it is successful. After that, take care of Martins. I don’t want to set my eyes on him again.”

“Yes, Chief.”

“Treat as urgent,” Chief got up and walked out of the room as Dele followed him closely.


Sheila sat on one of the sofas in Chief’s living room weeping and rubbing her baby bump. She was devasted after hearing the news of Martins, she knew that she had failed him by being unfaithful but there was nothing she could do at the moment.

Her tears were not just about his demise in a road accident on his way back after his mum’s successful surgery, she cried because she would have to leave the staff quarters since she had no business in the premises now that her fiancée was no longer a staff.

She wondered what would become of her and her unborn baby, she was just a pawn in the chess game of life and Chief had intentionally taken advantage of her, unfortunately.

“Sheila, I have told you that everything would be alright. I know your worries and I am here to take care of them. Contact your family and inform them that by the weekend I will be coming to pay your bride price so that you can officially become my wife,” Chief said as he rubbed her back with his right palm.

Too shocked to believe her ears, Sheila looked up into Chief’s face searching to see a confirmation of what she just heard.

“Yes, I mean what I am saying. You can go and pack your things and move into the room that has already been prepared for you as the fourth wife of Chief Badmus Adekanye. You have nothing to fear. I am here to take care of you.”

Sheila was filled with a lot of feelings at the moment, joy that she was getting married to a wealthy Chief, anxiety that she would be the fourth wife, happiness that her child would have a father, fear that she would live in competition with 3 other wives or even more.

Life is a mystery indeed, she was determined to focus her mind on the present pleasure and stay hopeful.


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