MAKING THE BEST OF LIFE: Every moment counts!

Happy New Month People!

It's August y'all!

From the first line, you should know I am excited about this month. Guess why?

Tory Teller's blog will be 2 years this month! Isn't that amazing?

Somehow I still can't believe that this blog, my baby, has been in existence for the past 2 years! Whew! Through this platform, I have met so many people who have been a blessing to me in ways than I could ever imagine.

Before I start feeling all mushy and sdtyphkwhd, because that's how I felt all weekend, let me share something special with you.

The past few days have had me taking stock of a whole lot of things in my life. Okay, I confess, it hasn't been all pizza and ice cream for me, far from that; but most importantly, I have learnt to appreciate the thinnest positive things in life.

If you remember my post about The Pleasure in little things, you'd understand what I mean.

In this month of my blog anniversary, I choose to celebrate it in a different way. I'll be sharing a lot of personal experiences, very intimate ones too. You know with Tory Teller, it's no hold barrel. You can never put a leash to my mouth, when I am ready to spill, I go all the way.

My point is that life isn't guaranteed so we need to make the best of every moment, celebrate little wins, and be grateful for every opportunity no matter how big or small. I will be documenting everything I have experienced with different people at various points in my life and I hope you can learn a lesson or two. Well, it's just my way of leaving memories.

Let me start by telling you how I spent my last weekend.

So my kids are on holiday, it's the long vac, as we usually call it, because the vacation is most times about two months long. I am not a fan of Summer school unless it is a program organised for extra curriculum activities. They should not be forced to do academic work from January to December, if you ask me. Anyway, I've sent them off to my mum's so that they can change environment, learn a few things from being domesticated, spend time with their cousins, and most importantly help my mum in her farm!

I think the last reason should have come first, right? They need to know and understand where the food they eat comes from and how to process it!

So we took a trip to Granny's for the holiday and it was massive fun. Growing up, I always enjoyed morning devotion with my dad because, in between, he always shares very intriguing stories that would juggle your thoughts and prompt you to ask questions about God, His word, people who lived in the days of old, and a million and one other things. Now, my kids can bombard him with all the questions they have been using to harass me and my Anambra man. So I am officially on vacation, enough time for matrimonial jangolova! (Mwene, I dropped this word for you)

I have already told you how much I love God and how important my relationship with Him is. Well, I am only obeying his instruction of raising my kids according to his will.

I was overfed at my mum's! Oh boy! That woman knows how to pamper her children especially her grandchildren. I think I always put on weight whenever I go to my father's house.

As you can see, I shamelessly love to eat my food from the pot! Call me bush but I don't care. There's something special at the bottom of the pot. I don't really know how to describe it but, it always tastes more delicious!

Tell me in the comment section if you are a member of my club or you know someone who is!

I wrapped up my weekend with a hangout and sleepover with my friends! Hahaha. Are you wondering how a married woman is having a sleepover? Remember that your favourite Tory Teller is an unusual human so expect the unexpected. After all, I just turned 16! Please allow me to enjoy myself!

In anticipation of the 2 years anniversary of my blog, there will be an unveiling on the 7th of August. So if you have not subscribed to this blog, do well to click the subscribe button at the top and follow the prompt.

Don't forget, I love you and I am constantly rooting for you! May August bring you blessings beyond your imagination!

P.S Drop a comment after reading this, it gives me great joy to read from you!





© Onyinye Udeh


  1. I must attest, you are truly a very very unusual human being πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

  2. Nope, I will not drop a commentπŸ‘“

    Please o, come and carry me to grandma’s house too I can farm very well

    1. Please pack your bags and wait for me at the bus stop.

  3. Haha am part of the eat out the pot club, there is just some extra flavour down there. Also congratulations on making 2years. You are amazing and Am camping here for the life lessons ~ Tikia.

  4. Congratulations in advance, Tory teller.
    I am rooting for you.

  5. You can never put a leash to my mouth, when I am ready to spill, I go all the way.

    I can relate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. You know it!
      Thanks for stopping by, Unprecedented Narrative.

  6. Ọmọ! That pot thing, I'm with you on that. Have you tried eating Okro with our Yoruba stew(soup) from the pot and hot fufu?��

    Happy holidays to you and your Anambra man o! Enjoy!!!

    1. Oluwakemi your head is there!
      Thanks for stopping by dear.

  7. I love this write up
    Come and join us in the farm ooo


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