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Today, we have a Special announcement as we would be going into the world of one of the most successful Virtual Professionals in Nigeria, Adaeze Jane-Juliet Unachukwu.

She is the CEO of AVIRTUAL LTD an online platform that offers the service of everything virtual which includes business strategy for entrepreneurs to grow their social media platforms, boost their online presence, promotion of brands to increase their customer base through an online strategy that boosts their income as well as free business tips.

AVIRTUAL Ltd is all about giving small/medium business owners a voice in the crowded business space, encouraging, networking, and partnership which in the long run translates to financial increment. It also caters for the social needs of businessowners, politicians, celebrities, clergymen, schools and corporate bodies.

Adaeze also owns an e-commerce platform for shopping and her products range from fashion items, kitchen utensils, Home decor, electronics and groceries produced within and outside the country. In addition, she offers special packages for special events like birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and parties where she prepares and delivers surprises for loved ones.

She has been able to successfully birth several businesses amidst running a family. And she is driven by the passion for personal growth and accomplishment. Helping young people set up businesses to eradicate poverty and bring down the unemployment curve are her objectives as an entrepreneur. So if you are interested in starting your own business, you should contact Adaeze, as she is available for business consultation.

AVITUAL Ltd's short-term plan is to help small/medium scale brands have a voice in the internet space and in the long run become independent and compete favourably alongside other brands.

Adaeze is happily married and resides with her family in Lagos Nigeria where she operates her business from to connect with her business partners all over the world.

Here's a birthday shout-out to CEO Adaeze as she adds another year, wishing her all of life's good things and fulfillment on all sides. Cheers to greater years ahead.

Adaeze wears many hats and she does wear them well. You can visit her website through AVIRTUAL LTD to learn more about her services and there's a birthday sales ongoing so you can get a discount if you shop with my promo code Tory Teller 023.

Till then, Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you.

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  1. Well done and a happy birthday to Adaeze.

    Please o, I want a birthday sharrat with a little touch of paranranran and Venza sprinkled with some Benjamin.
    T for tanks ma🙌

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