4 people who hurt me in 2021

Hey Tory Lovers!

I hope this post meets you well. So we're in the blogmas season and like I promised, it's going to be marathon premium content.

Apart from eating, sleeping, riding jangolover another thing I enjoy doing is blogging. It gives me so much joy and satisfaction to put out content on my blog knowing that it is my own space in the universe where I have unlimited liberty.

So today, I'll be calling out some people who hurt me this year and I'd want you to objectively consider these cases and share your thoughts.

First on my list is...

1. Mr I: (pardon me for not using their names in full)

He was a family friend and a father figure. Someone I respected greatly and usually sought counsel from. Then one day he called me after a long while and complained that I had abandoned him. I apologized and told him I'd visit soon with my Anambra man but he insisted that I visit that weekend alone.

It was a strange request especially since he mentioned earlier that his wife was out of town. I told him I wasn't sure I could make it that weekend but he insisted that he wanted me to come and cook for him and keep him company. Honestly, the request sounded strange and I was still pondering over it when he stated that he wanted to see what my hubby was enjoying and if my Anambra man liked it clean or bushy!


That was it. I told him I was no longer interested in the conversation and ended the call.

Well, he later called to apologize but I haven't spoken to him since then and I have even blocked his number.

2. Cousin C:

Well, he may be reading this but I don't care. I wrote an advert script for him based on trust and it's been over 11 months yet he hasn't paid me my 50k as agreed. That's why some people prefer to do business with strangers.

You know yourself, pay me my money!

3. Lady P:

A close friend of mine. I asked her several times if she was dating someone and she kept lying about it not knowing the guy was hitting on someone I know. Anyway, she secretly got married to him and they're expecting a baby. Well, I wish them all the best.

4. Mr. C:

This one I am angry on behalf of my friend. Remember how I shared about working with a toxic boss? This was something similar. An employer that won't let my dear friend have peace in the workplace, just because she wasn't conforming to his ways and she always objected whenever he tried to suppress his staff. 

Anyway, she resigned before he could sack her. Do you think an employee can win a fight against the management? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

So here ends today's rant. Do you think I am right for being offended? Which of them deserves immediate forgiveness and how do you think I should have handled these cases differently?

I'd love to read from you, do well to let me know if anyone offended you this year and how you handled it.

Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you!





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  1. Go get your money, the rest doesnt matter! hahahahaha

    1. I am glad you share the same idea with me.
      Thanks for stopping by, footballdialogue!

  2. Ha! Madam violence herself. You've got some nerves girl!

    I don't even know what to say to all the people listed here. “You all better behave before thunder locates you”

    Meanwhile, help me call out Uromi people nau, they won't let me breath.

    Always a pleasure reading from you dear ToryTeller

    1. My dear, violence is necessary in this case.
      I will unleash some strange powers on Uromi people very soon.

  3. I am offended on your behalf for all of them. I think you have handled all of these situations with maturity. I especially can't believe MR.I's audacity. As in how? Anyway the person that offended me the most this year was my missing in action baby daddy. This man has the audacity to claim I don't love him enough and that is found fight for him. Someone who has neglected me never paid a bill never come to see his child claims is should fight for his love. Let me even stop before this turns into a blog post.. I love you udeh. ~ Tikia.

    1. What???
      Sis, please send his number to ToryTeller for some vayolence

    2. Darling Tikia, please cast your burden on me.
      Let me handle him for you.
      Kindly do as Rachel suggest and give me his contact, the rest will be history.

  4. Haha. How do I edit my comment? I noticed the typos after posting. Anyway bye ~ Tikia

  5. I hate Mr I with a passion ๐Ÿ˜ค

  6. Like Mr I ...he doesn't deserve a name even. The audacity ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” as for your money...girl breathe because there is a chance it also wont come. So it's either you can still have a relationship with them or not. About your friend who couldn't comfide in you ,who knows maybe she had her reasons (everyone has their lot) atleast it ended well for them let's celebrate them. Toxic workplaces are the hard ones to deal with too...we can only walk away hoping for better around the door.

    1. My dear Connie, you already know how it is.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Too much Drama but on second thought these are all grave things

    1. Oh well, life it self is full drama.
      Thanks for stopping by dear Benjamin.

  8. Send me the name of the man owing you money. I'll forward his name to MFM for hot prayers of spiritual warfare.

  9. แปŒmแป, people get mind o. The most important thing is to collect your money from that one that is owing you money. That Mr I is cancelled as far as I'm concerned. Yeye agbaya!

    1. Yes o.
      My money is most important.
      Waiting for him to respond after reading this!

  10. Honestly, he does need prayers.
    Thanks for stopping by dear Justyn love!

  11. What's with men you consider to be your father always the first to disappoint you. I had a Mr I this year who was mad when he found out that I was expecting because apparently, he always thought I would give him the apple. Told him that I saw him as a father figure and he got the more pressed. Deleted him from my life immediately. I figured, he thought he was grooming me

    1. Oh wow!
      They are just everywhere.
      All these our men should do better please!
      I pray all the Mr Is get exposed ASAP!
      Thanks for stopping by dear Louisa, my love to baby!

  12. Heheheee... Who writes a call out post like this if not the Tory Teller herself. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Love eeet!


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