It's December, Ready for Blogmas?

Happy New Month Fabulous People!

Yeah, I know this greeting is a few days late, pardon me, but better late than never right?

So how have y'all been? That's the question of the year. The bottom line is, I'm happy and grateful to still have you here; and if you're reading this, Congratulations! for making it this far.

The year 2021 has been a not-so-jolly ride for many of us. Imagine that despite the pandemic of 2020, it was a year I flourished in but I really can't say the same about this year. What keeps me pumped up in all is that we're in the last month of the year! Whew!

Okay, I have a confession, the month of May is my birth month so it should be my favourite but I think I'm in love with December!🙈

There's this vibe about the last month of the year that brings so much excitement and lots of butterflies in my belly. Well, I think it's because of Christmas. Anyone who doesn't love Christmas is as Sadducee, period!

How can you not love the holidays, the remembrance of our Saviour Jesus' birth, the exchange of gifts, the love, care and togetherness, visitations, travelling home and spending time with family? How really? No, you can't beat it. Christmas time is the best time of the year.

On Tory Teller's Blog, there's always a plan for the festive season. Last December, I started with my Letter to December, then I gave you 31 things I am grateful for, finally, we wrapped up with a series, Christmas Memories, where writers from all over Africa shared their best and worst Christmas experiences. You can refresh your memory by reading these interesting stories.

Guess what's up for this year...

Well, there's a prize for the first correct answer though. Drop your answers in the comment section, Santa may just be in your neighbourhood who knows.

Anyway, I'm joining a Blogmas challenge. Blog plus Christmas equals to Blogmas, you gerrit?

Prepare for premium marathon content this season like never before.

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BTW, if you're in Nigeria and you haven't gotten Tory Teller's Blog T-shirt, I'm just looking at you melancholically and monogeographicationationlly. Like why do you want to end this year the same way you started it? O wrong nau!

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  1. We await the premium content 💃💃. Na t-shirt remain make we buy.

  2. ToryTeller for President 🙌🙌🙌

    Please I don't reside in Nigeria, how do I get my tee in Uromi SA

    Please send me money for Christmas ma.
    I am openly begging you online now o

    1. Hei God!
      This my village woman has located me on sosha medya!


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