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I hope this post meets you well! I know we haven't posted much this year but you must pardon me because I am a work in progress. As I mentioned in my Wedding Anniversary post I am currently cooking something that I know you would love.

That being said, henceforth, I will try as much as possible to post weekly, God being my helper. And if you would love to be a guest on Tory Teller's Blog, please send me a mail via onyi2udeh@gmail.com.

I hope you are excited about reading today's topic as much as I am about writing it. Oh well, by now you know how mischievous and dramatic I can be right? So my marriage to my Anambra man turned 13 exactly 2 weeks ago and I thought of sharing this with y'all.

Although I have known my hubby for over 17 years now and our relationship has grown to a point where it would be easy to assume that we know everything about each other, there are still some habits I have vehemently refused to drop.

Here are 5 things my hubby thought I would stop doing after we got married:

 1. Deleting his number from my phone.

I have mentioned in a previous post, 5 crazy things I have done, how I derive so much pleasure from deleting my husband's number from my phone. Before you judge me, hear me out. I only do it when he gets me upset. You can call it my own defense mechanism for my heart and you won't be wrong. I started doing it while we were still dating and it helped me relax and not feel so bad after he hurt me.

That feeling of joy when he calls and his number pops up like a strange number on the screen of my phone is fulfilling. And then I pick the call and say, 'Hello, who's on the line?' The joy that accompanies it is refreshing! 

2. Urinating in the sand.

Nigerians are used to this saying, 'you cannot shame the shameless'. That is actually my situation, I have made it known to the public that I love urinating in the sand so it is no longer something to be ashamed of. Now that I am married, the love is even stronger. The feeling of squatting on a heap of sand while nature blows air into your genitals is called Piss-gasm.

3. Eating from the pot.

Have you ever eaten the food at the bottom of the pot? Do you agree that it is the most delicious part of the food? I'm sure you concur. There is just something about the bottom pot and I can't help but stay addicted to it. My Anambra man thought that when we get married, I would abandon that habit of eating from the pot. Oh, dear! Old habits die hard. 

4. Watching Tom and Jerry.

If you are not a lover of cartoons you will never understand the joy and delight experienced when watching a full series of the famous Tom and Jerry. Pardon me but these 2 characters somehow remind me of Presh and Sam. Sammy's fans please don't come for my head. Let me know in the comment section if you are also a lover of cartoons and which one you enjoy most.

5. Collecting his money.

I am sure y'all know that this one is not possible. Even when I start earning billions of dollars, I promise never to stop collecting my Anambra man's money! This is a promise I am committed to all the days of my life!

So there you have it. This is one of my many fun posts and I hope you enjoyed it.

By next month, I will be starting another blog series. If you enjoyed the Things we see in Lagos series, then you would definitely love this.

Till then, don't forget Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you!






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  1. So, you've been collecting his money, Onyinye?🙄

    I thought you were a Proverbs 32 woman?

    1. Lolz.
      If I don't collect it who will.
      BTW there's no Yell 32 in my Bible.
      Thanks for stopping by dear Kemiclassico.

  2. The last two are normal, the rest make you crazy a bit

    1. But you know I'm kinda not so normal. Lolz.
      Thanks for stopping by dear Benjamin!

  3. You are so funny 🤣🤣had never heard of piss-gasm in my entire life

  4. Heheheee... Which one is deleting is number again now? Your shakara is just too much, hian! 😃


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