Hi guys!

It’s another beautiful day and I hope you are enjoying it. I was enjoying mine till I remembered something that came up in school that made me just have to write this post.

In school on a Wednesday, (i.e Sports day) we were practicing our March past for the school's Inter-house Sports. It was a lovely day. Instead of the usual burning sun that morning, it was a cool breeze that swept through the school compound.

It seemed like it wanted to rain, but it didn't and I was quite grateful for the windy weather. I was marching in perfect accordance with my house master's commands.

By the way, I'm in Blue house. Not what I was expecting but wherever I am, I'm a winner.

My house master made me the commander and I took my new position with just a little nervousness. I have a contralto voice (And I like it that way) so some of my schoolmates tried annoying me by shouting that they couldn't hear me.

I enjoyed myself as I controlled their movement with march past commands. I'm digressing a bit but it's just to give you a little background information.

Anyway, the principal came to check on our practice and asked our house master, 'Isn't your house going to have the King, Queen and Princess?'

'That is true I actually forgot but we'll work on that,' he replied.

'You have to. Every house needs these. You can even have a baby if you want to make it a complete family.'

'Okay ma, we'll do that,' he answered then turned to face us.

'By the way, my daughter, Purity will be the Queen of Blue House and that's final. You can choose others for the other roles,' she chipped in before walking away.

I was dazed at her remark. So because Purity is the principal's daughter she automatically becomes the Queen?! 

At that moment, I wished I was either in another house or Purity was in another house. I don't understand the reason for that unnecessary entitlement.

But I didn't really care about that, not like I even wanted to be Queen. I'm seriously not saying that out of spite or envy. I've never been involved in a March past before so I'm satisfied with my position.

I'm just trying to say that people should stop feeling entitled. I think everyone should make effort to earn whatever they think they deserve.

I hope y'all enjoyed my first blog post. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. I'd love to know.

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  1. This entitlement thing is just so annoying. What if her daughter is uninterested? Or what if there’s someone else that can do it better? Hmmm…Anyway wish you well in your forthcoming Inter-house sports and don’t stop writing.

    1. That's very true... Thank you so much for your encouragement πŸ™

  2. It's how the world works, privilege is more than entitlement

  3. This is a beautiful piece! Weldone Presh! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Keep it up.
    Also keep us updated, I want to know who ends up as queen πŸ˜‚

    1. Thank you so muchπŸ€—! And no problem, I'll surely update you allπŸ‘

  4. Nice read! Sometimes, we humans don’t even know that we display the “entitlement attitudes”. Well done Presh, and keep the writeups coming πŸ‘

    1. That's very true... Thanks for your encouragement πŸ™, I'll continueπŸ‘

  5. Press is writing is beautiful and yes we want more. As for entitlement sadly that's how the world operates lately. ~Tikia

    1. Unfortunately so. Thank you for your encouragement☺️

  6. This kind of incident is rankling and I salute your courage in writing it. You write well, keep it up.

  7. Wonderful writing that should be followed up by an update of how the queen faired or failed (blame it on the entitled mother).


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