BIRTHDAY POST: Turning 18 after 38 years

Happy New Month People!

It’s been a while on this space so I thought since it’s my birth month I’ll need to come do some clean up and cobwebbing while updating y’all about what’s been going on in my life. I hope life has been kind to you as it has been to me and mine.

First things first, I celebrated my birthday a few days ago, precisely on the 2nd of May (if you’re an oldie on this blog you’ll know how much importance I attach to birthdays). Anyway, unlike the previous years, this year, Yours Truly turned 18. (A day after my beloved daughter, Presh, turned 14) Amazing right? Well, you should know by now that with Tory Teller anything is possible.

The month of May started on a positive note with lots of good news for me and my family and this makes me realize that all the efforts I put into the first quarter of the year was not in vain.

I may not be able to explain all the goodies that came my way in just this blog post so expect full details in the next video that will be dropping on my YouTube channel, I promise you I will spill the beans.

Do well to subscribe to my channel, Gist with Tory Teller so that you don’t miss out on the full gist. I will always be explaining to y’all how and I why I chose to remove 20 whole years from my age.

I’m sure you’ve been wondering how come I am turning 18 this year, well, these a story behind it and the details will be on my channel.

This blog post is specially dedicated to my dear friend Justyn Love  all the way from Uganda. Thank you for being such a darling. Let me share one thing that Justyn did that I will always cherish.

Sometime last year, I was in a very bad place mentally and she called me out of the blues to pray for me. She had no idea what I was going through as a matter of fact only close family members knew about my challenge but Justyn said it was laid in her heart to pray for me.

Now what made this show of love more memorable was the fact that my dear friend Justyn was involved in an accident at that time and I didn’t even know. She actually prayed for me from her sick bed!

If this isn’t love then tell me what else is?

Like I stated in one of my blogs earlier in the year, I will dedicate every post I make to someone. So, who knows the next blog post may be dedicated to you. Stay tuned.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to all those who have been consistent on Tory Teller’s Blog. Thank you for your commitment over the years.

Don’t forget that Tory Teller is rooting for you now and always!





© Onyinye Udeh


  1. Awww
    Thanks Udeh for this dedication...
    Grateful to God for allowing us meet.
    I love you now and forever

    _justine love here

    1. It's been pleasure having you in my corner dear Justyn.
      I love you plenty! 🥰🥰🥰


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