Welcome to November!

May this new month be favourable to us all.

About 4 years ago I shared with y’all how I got a job as a Resident Writer with a Content Writing Agency, SabiWriters. So basically, my role there was to handle various types of writing and meet the writing needs of our clients be it stories, copywriting, website content, blog post, books, and all forms of content writing.

While I was there, I managed social media accounts for our clients and I did a good job, if I must say that myself. In simple terms I was a ghost writer.

Well, they say everything that has a beginning has an end and so 11 months ago, precisely in December 2022, I bade farewell to the company. It was a drastic move because I hadn’t (and still haven’t) gotten another job before I resigned. I did a full video about why I resigned from a job I love on my YouTube channel.

I needed the break especially for my mental health but hey, I never planned to stay unemployed for 11 months, life does really happen right?

The past few months I have applied for several jobs and because I recently relocated, it’s been quite difficult getting a remote job that ticks all the boxes for me. The number of Nos I have received and given this period is worthy of a plaque.

And yes, I said No to some companies that were offering below what I had set for myself. After all, we are always encouraged never to settle for less.

(I hope my new employer doesn’t see this post. Well, all the better if they do, at least they would know that I know my worth right?)

After I left my last job, one of the things I struggled with was finding my voice again. Let me explain. All the while I was working as a Resident writer, one of my focus was ensuring that every content I dish out had the voice of the client. I always had to hide behind the desire of the client, if you’re a ghost writer you’d understand what I mean.

This was tough because it affected my ability to put out content on my blog and even on my social media platforms for a while. Then I stated getting a lot of writing gigs again and the life of a ghost writer, masked under a freelancing, resurfaced.

Another challenged I faced was being consistent in creating content for not just my blog or YouTube channel but my social media platforms. As you know, I am quite active on Facebook, IG, Twitter, TikTok and even Threads. I know it’s a lot but what else do you expect from a content creator? I was so focused on increasing the number of subscribers I have on YouTube before I realized that I had to strategize and plan well before executing.

As one who is passionate about writing, I had no choice than to break free so I started by putting out content on my Facebook page. I gave myself a target of posting at least twice a day. There were some days I ended up posting about 4 or 5 contents, videos inclusive, and they made up for days when I couldn’t post or did just 1 post. With time I grew from 1600+ to 2100+ followers. Progress, right?

I think I can finally say that I am not just finding my voice, I have found my voice and a thousand more voices too and I couldn’t be prouder of me. Celebrating small wins isn’t a bad idea is it?

So this is me rejoicing in my struggle and how well I have been able to break through. I am also recommitting myself to be consistent once again and never allow myself to drown in self pity again.

If you have experienced any of these do well to share your experience and how you’ve been able to break through.

Today’s post is dedicated to all content creators everywhere, I know how difficult it is but you keep showing up and I am proud of you.

Feel free to tell me how the year has been for you in the comment section.

Don’t forget Tory Teller loves you and is rooting for you.





© Onyinye Udeh.


  1. The year has been crazy busy for me to write but we keep supporting others in their work.

    Happy for your progress


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