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RELATIONSHIPS: Working with a Toxic boss.

My alarm rang for the third time that morning and I immediately turn it off, as usual. I was as awake as sunshine at the beginning of the day, well-rested from the previous night and fit to start off the day's activity but my body was reluctant to stand from the bed. I tossed and turned like a heavily pregnant woman struggling to find the right position that wouldn’t be too uncomfortable. Then I felt my hubby's hands and he stretched towards my side of the bed without opening his eyes. 'Babe, are you awake?' "Yeah,' I replied almost immediately. 'Are you okay?' He knew that it was very unlike me to stay in bed till after 5 am on a workday when it wasn't a public holiday. On days like this, my first alarm at 4.30 am was enough to get me up and going for the day, after all, my system had become accustomed to it. Wake up, say a prayer, head to the kitchen, prepare breakfast and lunch, check up on hubby as he helps to get the kids ready for school, take

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